In Europe?

The Angry Farmer

And from this diffidence of one another, there is no way for any man to secure himselfe, so reasonable as Anticipation; that is, by force, or wiles, to master the persons of all men he can, so long, till he sees no power great enough to endanger him

Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan

Have we – we who have returned – been able to understand and make others understand our experience?”

Primo Levi, The Drowned and the Saved

Hobbes wrote about the need for a Leviathan, a body mightier than humanity itself to rein in our dark flamboyances, being that such excesses often played out in violence, chaos and death. Lest we fall into the trap of mistrusting our neighbours, fearing them and them fearing us in return – a trap in which humanity often falls.

In the 20th Century, we saw Europe fall into the abyss, not…

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It’s Time

Four years ago I started planning my trip around the world, determined I would take off within the next few months. However, priorities and plans changed along the way and I decided it made a whole lot more sense to study to improve my writing skills. I knew I was not quite there yet. I knew I needed to practice writing, and probably also settle in a place for a little while before taking off to explore the world – and write about it.

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Benefits of having a close friend who is a journalist

The more I progress in my degree, and into the profession of journalism, the more I tend to be drawn to fellow journalists.

Not only do we have similar interests and personality traits to an extent, it is also incredibly beneficial to have a close friend who is a journalist.

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You Must be Brave

On my first day at my placement with Evening News, I got the chance to chitchat with one of the younger staff members there, on our way back from a press conference. As we walked back, we somehow started talking about places I have lived and such. I think we slipped onto the topic as she asked me what I want to do, in terms of career choice. I said I want to be a freelancer, and be able to travel. Basically, that is all I know.

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I Can Go Back to My Country

“I’m a foreigner living in Turkey, so I’ve experienced myself what it’s like not to be able to live your full identity. It makes me very unhappy sometimes – but I have chosen this life and if I want it to be different I can go back to my own country. I have control over it ...” Chris Green wrote, reporting on the Dutch journalist Fredrike Geerdink’s experience on investigating and reporting on Kurds’ issues in Turkey (published in the Independent February 4, 2015).

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