How to Stick Around Even When it Gets Hard.

As a wandering traveler, I have become a little too good at making changes. I mean drastic changes, and not only that, they happen quickly. From one day to another, sometimes one hour to another I can decide on quitting a job, quitting a course, ending one relationship or another, sometimes friendships, that I realized way back in the past just took more than they gave. Usually the quick, sometimes irrational decisions, grow out from long hours of contemplation, sometimes it’s just the thrill of something new that imposes them.

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Closing one Book and Starting A new

The end of another year is creeping near. It’s been a hell of a year, a hell of a ride, a rollercoaster to say the least, with overwhelming ups and downs.

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The Little Guardian Angel

This is not meant to be about me, but it might end up being about my life and my perspective. What other story can I tell anyway, but my own? No matter how impartial I’ll ever attempt to be, I’ll always be biased by my own personal lenses. I can only understand the world around me through my own personality. No one can ever tell a story without partly reflecting their own experiences, they are embedded in who we are and how we interpret the world around us. Thus we can never tell another story than our own. It works like projection – the only way we can understand other people is through who we are ourselves.

Heads up – this is perhaps brutally honest, and qutie personal. But it is my story, the only story I know. In the end, we might as well reveal it all. One way or another, it’ll show anyway. In the end we are all only human. Let it be. 

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I’m Home

The afternoon when I came home last week, I was thrown right back into my life here in Stockholm, after six years away.

Right after arrival, I headed straight back into the city centre to see one of my best and oldest friends, who I hadn’t seen much the past year. We have now, since that day, spent several hours a day together again.

Everything is ecactly the way it is supposed to be. It’s all back to normal, back to it’s usual way, but better.

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