Closing one Book and Starting A new

The end of another year is creeping near. It’s been a hell of a year, a hell of a ride, a rollercoaster to say the least, with overwhelming ups and downs.

We’ve seen major political changes in the world. Hopefully the whole world won’t end up being torn apart as a result. Only time will tell.

Many talents and geniuses have left us, that are indeed irreplaceable. We are about to find out if some new were born this year. There must be at least some.

But what really is a talent? I want to believe that each and every individual can become a talent at something if they get the right conditions, and of course – find something they actually want to excel at. 


Personally, I’m glad the year is about to be over and looking to some brighter futures.


I close this chapter exhausted, relieved and thankful.

I’ve made major changes, grown tenfold, met some great people, met some less great people – sadly; learned about life the hard way – you name it. It’s been a long year with a few too many experiences.

I’ve reconnected with some of my oldest and closest friends, experienced a typical Swedish winter for the first time in eight years.

I’ve stayed put for more than half a year, and haven’t traveled anywhere in seven months, for the first time since 2008.

Above all I’ve learned that sometimes there isn’t anything we can do but just sail along the waves of life. Sometimes things just happen and there’s nothing we can do but sticking through them. Sometime’s life’s certainly a bitch and we might rather just leave the journey once and for all.

Even in those dark moments we need to just push through, stick it out and wait for the storm to pass. There’s always lighter days ahead, if we just allow ourselves to wait for them. Sometimes we just need to swallow a whole lot of shit from people and life itself. Sometimes, all we can do is just to find solace in anything out there – whatever it takes to persevere.


It’s a part of life, it ain’t always a sunrise or a beautiful sunset.


Sometimes we derail, fall off track and hit the mud a little too hard. Even then, we just need to keep on walking and wait for the air to blow off all the dirt. Eventually it’ll all be forgotten anyway. Perhaps that’s the best part about fading memories – even the once that are too hard to remember will fade sooner or later. That’s the beauty of our cognitive processes – our brain cannot store an entire lifetime.


I’m not beginning next year with any resolutions, or plans. I’ll just approach it for what it is. The past year’s uncertainty taught me all over again how life certainly cannot be planned. We never know where we end up, what we end up doing, or who we end up with, or without. 

Perhaps life is just all about a chain of random instances, none to be planned.

We might want to believe life is in our hands, that we are in control of ourselves and our environments, but the fact is, that in the greater whole, we’re not.

We can only try to do the best out of the situation.


And with that note I wish everyone a Happy New year and many great and happy days ahead.



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