När Mörkret Faller /When the dark times come (literally speaking)

Fall has been in the air here in Stockholm in the past few weeks.

There’s been many days lately when I’ve arrived at work, shouting “Fall is in the air!! I look forward to the fall.” For the most parts, my co-workers have looked at me as if I am some kind of weirdo – what Swede longs for fall? We all know too well the roughness of fall and winter, six months of pitch black darkness. At the most we’ll get a couple of hours of sunlight on a nice day.

Indeed, this was one of the main factors contributing to my decision to “never again spend a winter in Sweden” after having lived abroad for the first time, in California 2009 -2010.

Yes, the darkness can be depressing, it does get cold, we all go into a kind of hibernation mode and our energy and energies fall abruptly to zero.

But it is exactly this that gives us excuses to stay in and do all the things we don’t want to do when the sun happens to be out during the other six months of the year. A reason to sleep longer, be lazy, take time to ourselves, cuddle up in a blanket and watch a film. It also gives us an excuse to feel a little bit more down than at other times. Because admit it, sometimes it does feel good allowing oneself to feel a little bit less happy. No one is 100 % happy or content constantly. We all feel miserable and we all need to let those “negative” emotions out. The dark times in the fall and winter is a good time to do just that.

I, personally also always liked being able to wrap up in nice, warm winter clothes, not needing to show off too much skin, and I like wearing a hat and warm, stylish boots.

I also always felt like the air is fresher and cleaner when it gets colder. The cold air, the sense of breeze makes it easier to breathe.

Finally, the rain and the colours of the fall adds to the beauty of the scene, it might get cold and dark when fall comes, but the trees spark and light up.

But then again, I am a first-generation immigrant in my own country  – I haven’t lived here or experienced Swedish winter in full since 2008 so ask me again in December if I’ll still make all the claims made above.



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