Timeline 2009 to Present

I thought I’d be a good idea to write a kind of factual, briefly descriptive and detailed timeline with what I’ve been up to since my ‘disappearance’ from Sweden in 2009.

I’ll start off with 2008 just to mention that this was the year I graduated high school and thus officially could do ‘whatever I want’.

I began working straight after my graduation and worked most of the time the following year.

In the fall 2009 I cut down my hours to just a few a week and began studying various courses and programmes. At the same time, my health – both physical and mental health – deteriorated. In November that year it was about time I went back to the treatment centre where I had been for my eating disorder the previous three years. The result came to be that I, right before Christmas, found myself sitting on a flight towards San Diego, CA. I spent five days a week the following six months (December 2009 to June 2010) at the Mandometer Clinic (for eating disorders) in San Diego.

After I had returned to Stockholm the summer of ’10 I tried to resume my life from where I had left off. This, however, was not possible as I had changed too much as a person and realized what I might want and not want out of life. I wanted to leave Sweden; I wanted to travel.

The following eight months was sort of just a ‘stop over’ in Stockholm. I wanted to leave, but it was not a great time for me to do so as I was in the middle of establishing new, healthier behaviours.

In January 2011 I started studying psychology at a university in Stockholm, which for long had been one of my many dreams.

But at that point I could not be or feel settled in Stockholm or Sweden, and as I was doing better I started getting ready for takeoff, first mentally and emotionally, and then practically.

When May came that year I had gotten rid of most of my items, my furniture and had bought a monthly Interrail card. I was about to fulfil my dream of backpacking around Europe.

In other words, May 2011 was spent in Europe. I went from Gothenburg, to Copenhagen, to Amsterdam, to Italy, to France, to Slovenia, to Croatia, to Hungary, and then a few more other countries later I ended up going back to Edinburgh, Scotland, which came to be where I stayed for quite a while.

I ‘officially’ moved to Edinburgh on July 11, 2011. I did not ultimately – initially – plan on how long I was to stay there. During the whole time I was living there I was planning on travelling around the globe. Despite that I loved every second of my stay in Scotland’s beautiful and amazing capital, I had other plans..

I had plans to travel the world so when the winter came and I was still in Edinburgh (and still loving it) I began trying to force myself away. I therefore moved to a small island called Isle of Skye which is located North West of mainland Scotland. However, after a few days away from my fairytale-land I realized I missed it, a lot. I therefore ‘gave in’ a couple of weeks later and decided to move back to Edinburgh.

I stayed for another couple of months, until I set off for a one month long backpacking trip around the UK.

When summer of 2012 came I had somehow planned to move to Malta for the season. I stuck to the plan and worked as a telephone and email assistant for a Swedish company called Besedo that summer.

Throughout 2012 I had begun realizing that I wanted to stay in Scotland, and that I wanted to study. It therefore seemed like a perfect plan to apply for universities in Scotland. However, as I had just missed the UCAS deadline which, for international students, is in mid January, I had to wait another year.

In July 2012 I received an acceptance letter from the Swedish universities portal which showed that I had been accepted to a full time English course. I was thus to move to Brighton to study English through the University of Gothenburg that fall. As I was in the process of applying for Scottish universities for the following academic year I thought it’d be good to stay in Brighton and take the English B course at university as well, as to prepare myself for my future studies in Scotland.

During the spring in 2013, all I did was waiting: I wanted to move to Scotland, NOW. 

March 11, 2013 I received my first offer, to the University of Stirling, which came to be the university I chose.

I then recently decided, after three full years of studying in the small village in Scotland, to graduate early and temporarily move back home to Stockholm.

In the past year, I lived in three different countries. I spent 4 months studying in Stirling, 4 months working in Stockholm and one exchange semester in Hawaii.

Above is just a brief list of what I have done through the past six years. The following posts will cover each of these “stops” in more depth and detail.


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