In the Midst of Chaos

It is easy to argue that it is through the hard times that we grow as we are facing challenges that force us to think outside the box and act in completely new ways.

This might not always serve as a comforting truth in the midst of chaos but as unlikely as it might seem, there are always brighter times ahead. Ironically these usually come right after a hurricane.

Here are some of the main lessons I learned through the past year, a year which might have been the greatest rollercoaster of my life.

As the cliché goes, it is usually during these times that you come to realise who your real friends are. If they are still there after the storm, and if you also have grown closer, you know for sure that you can count on them in both good and bad times.

What I am the most grateful for from the past year is exactly this: that despite a lot of chaos during my last few months in Scotland last Spring, and then nine months away, I grew closer to most of my friends in the tiny village of Stirling. It took time and it took some hard work and sometimes required a flood of tears – from both partners.

In the end it was worth every tear because towards the end of this Spring we had had the chance to grow up while being a part, and then reconnect. There is nothing better than reconnecting with good old friends who you have known for some years and fallen out with. These people know you in a whole different light than most people. They have seen the worst parts of you, but yet love you exactly for who you are because they choose to focus on your positive qualities. As a result, you know where you have them, you know you can count on them – you don’t take it for granted, and you will never again take a single freind for granted. You’ll treasure them like nothing else.

In relation to this, I also learned that home is not bounded to a geographical place. Home is where you are loved no matter what, even when the worst parts of you appear for a little while.

Above all, you learn all over again that no matter what, things always work out in the end. They just do. Sometimes it takes a little longer and you need to persevere and push through some blocks of challenges. One of these days you’ll be able to breathe again and appreciate life like never before. That comes as a result from having faced challenges. This is what makes the challenges worth the hard work.


Nothing that is important was ever easy.




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