I’m Done

Five years and eight universities later, in four different countries, I now hold a bachelor’s degree and can choose not to return to university. Right now, after just having had the most stressful semester of them all, it feels very tempting not to come back at all, not even five months from now. 

Right now I am free as a bird and can choose to do exactly what I want, well, almost.. Apart from the fact that I have one internship in Edinburgh and one full time summer job in Stockholm coming up. Aside from that I am also planning on trying to get published somehow this summer.

But they are all things I have chosen to do, in places I want to be in. At least for now.

When leaving high school in 2008, I had no clue what next step to take. I had as many dreams and goals then as I hve now and could not decide what option to settle for. I applied for English A at the University of Stockholm. If I remember it correctly, I did get accepted, but I declined my place and decided to only work for a year. The next year, I had to, according to my life-long plan, start studying, to not fall off the timeframe too much. I started an online class – promoting public health. It was too scientific and theoretic for me so I dropped the class after a month. I had also started a degree in sales training. I was really good at it but it did not feel like what I wanted to be doing. So I dropped out of that as well. Next thing I knew I also had to quit my job to head over to the US for six months.

While in the US, I studied Social Psychology and Criminology from two different universities in Sweden. I did, of course, also spend some time traveling.

The following semester, Fall 2010, I took Health Psychology, 15 hp from Mitt Universitetet in Östersund. In other words, this season I commuted between Östersund (located way up north in Sweden), Stockholm – where I lived and worked almost full time, and Gothenburg (located 500 km southwest of Stockholm). I really enjoyed that class and could relate to it and easily received an A on the question-style essay I had to write over the course of five months. When I read it again a few years ago, I was impressed at how academic I sounded and how well it was written.

In the spring 2011 I started studying Psychology in Stockholm, at yet another university – Södertörns Högskola. I enjoyed the class and was determined to get my Bachelor’s in Behavioural Sciences but the time called for other adventures. (Who knows, I might end up going back to Stockholm and finish this degree at some point.) 

I set out for Europe and ended up sticking around in Scotland for a year, working at Baguette Express. I also spent a month living on Isle of Skye working at a hostel.

The following year, while awaiting to being able to apply for universities here in Scotland, I studied English grammar, linguistics, history, culture and literature at the University of Sussex in Brighton, through the University of Gothenburgh.

Inbetween the above mentioned years, I spent the summer living in Malta, working for a Swedish company.

Finally, in September 2013, I could start the degree I am now studying. I was then incredibly excited and eager to start and finish a full degree. This four years long degree is the longest commitment I have ever signed up for. But I was ready for it.

As part of my degree here at the University of Stirling, I spent last semester (fall 2015) studying abroad at the University of Hawaii at Hilo.

Now, three years have passed and I hold a full degree. While it sometimes has felt like time has stopped during the semesters here in Stirling, I now wonder where the three years went. How can I be done already? Am I ready to head out into reality and work?

Well, that I shall figure out over the summer.

I have one internship coming up and four and a half months to figure out whether to finish my Honours or not.

To me, the most important thing is that I don’t have to do one thing or another, I am free to choose. And I will make sure it’ll be my decision alone whether I decide to come back or not.



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