I’m Home

The afternoon when I came home last week, I was thrown right back into my life here in Stockholm, after six years away.

Right after arrival, I headed straight back into the city centre to see one of my best and oldest friends, who I hadn’t seen much the past year. We have now, since that day, spent several hours a day together again.

Everything is ecactly the way it is supposed to be. It’s all back to normal, back to it’s usual way, but better.

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In the Midst of Chaos

It is easy to argue that it is through the hard times that we grow as we are facing challenges that force us to think outside the box and act in completely new ways.

This might not always serve as a comforting truth in the midst of chaos but as unlikely as it might seem, there are always brighter times ahead. Ironically these usually come right after a hurricane.

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It’s Time

Four years ago I started planning my trip around the world, determined I would take off within the next few months. However, priorities and plans changed along the way and I decided it made a whole lot more sense to study to improve my writing skills. I knew I was not quite there yet. I knew I needed to practice writing, and probably also settle in a place for a little while before taking off to explore the world – and write about it.

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Taking the Leap

One of the best advice I have ever been given is to change the circumstances in life whenever they stop making you happy. Of course, sometimes we do need to do things we don’t want but when what we do start to fully consume us and kill our sense for creativity and all we stand for, then, I’d argue, it is time to make a change.

This is something I have always stood by, but almost lost track of during the past few months.

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Advantages of Studying Abroad Beyond Academia

While the deadline for applying for the study abroad summer programme passed recently, some first year students might be considering studying abroad for a semester or two. The third year might seem far off the agenda, but applications must be filled in midway through the first semester of the second year.

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