Fuel Your Heart

We all have to recharge our batteries in order to have enough power – to be able to keep wandering in this never ending chaos called life.

Though, that is not always easy, with all the things we have to accomplish, even just in one single day. After having slept the necessary hours to get by, all we have left of this amount of time is not more than 15-16 hours. During these hours we are supposed to (according to who, though?) work (or study) for at least eight hours. An easy calculation shows that remaining of our 24 hours cycle is not more than another eight hours.

Apart from working/studying we also have to zigzag along the streets in order to get somewhere, because we are not the only person on the streets, in the supermarket or wherever we want to go. There are more people around, everyone fighting to get out of there as soon as possible, to get home as quickly as one can, to get some spare time, some time off life, off obligations.

This can be exhausting.

Many people find it difficult to find some peace of mind, especially to fit it in each single day. It makes it easy to turn into a zombie, to start only existing, to forget about living and enjoy each precious moment we get.

But when we think about it.. What do we have to do, really?

I have asked myself that a million times lately. The answer I come up with each time is

Nothing, we really do not have to do one single thing, essentially speaking. We have just created societies that require all those tasks to be accomplished within a set time frame.

 All we have to do, as one single human being in this world, is to make the most out of our own life, to be as happy as we possibly can be.

This is not only the best thing we can do for ourselves, but also for others. The best way to be a good human being, to bring good to the world is to first be content. Happiness is contagious and inspiring, and yields better results. This is becoming increasingly acknowledged in the business sector as well.

We are the ‘lucky generation’. We have the opportunity to choose, to create the lives we want to live. At least many of us do. I know that most of the people I know, and where I am from, have the opportunity to somewhat choose how to live their lives.

Maybe you don’t know yet what it is you want to do and/or what to achieve in life, what you are looking for, but the only way to find out is to go out and search for it. You will find it in the most unlikely of places, things or people, as the cliché goes – when you expect it the least.

Once you have found it, nothing else will satisfy you in the way that It can. It is worth every step you have to take to find it, every struggle you may have to face along the way.

You just have to believe that there is something bigger out there, waiting for you to find it. Once you have discovered it, embrace it. Don’t let it slip away. Embrace it as soon as you have found it, because it might be gone within a split second otherwise.

Once you have found your thing it will be the thing making your life worth something more, something extraordinary, rather than each day being only just another day.

It will be the thing which fuels your heart and soul whenever you need it.

(Originally posted October 2012)


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