Constructing Selves

Many of us find it easier to act, to be a fake character rather than our true self. The way our society takes place in our modern era makes it easier to construct selves we are happier with. We have all the tools we need to be able to create a whole new version of ourselves. All the different media channels have given us the (dis)advantaging ability to create whoever we wish to be.

On communities such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tinder it is impossible to know what is real and what is not. This gives us the opportunity to create the perfect self we long to be, to make others believe we are who we wish to be. We choose to upload only the pictures of us taken when we are in our best shape. We share only the cool stuff, the awesome things we do, the things we are proud of and the things we believe others will like us for.

This, in turn, creates the basis of how we believe the world is like, what other people’s lives look like.

Many people stir their inner selves up because of this. Because they believe that what is portrayed on networks such as Facebook is representing reality. That all our friends, people we know (and don’t know) are ‘perfect’. It is easy to feel we are nothing, in comparison to them.

We try to create the perfect image of our lives even in real life, outside of social media. We are actors and actresses trying to show others only the good parts of ourselves. Yet, this is not possible. We forget the fact that human beings are so much more intelligent than we sometimes believe we are. We have the intrinsic ability to acknowledge when someone is acting, when someone is pretending to be someone or something he or she is not.

We are all well aware of that we try so hard to paint up the perfect picture of our lives. Yet, we all keep doing so, nobody says anything. Because we all do it. I don’t blame us. It is easier to pretend, to act. Life is hard when being lived the real wayit is scary to show the world one’s true colours, to reveal one’s real character and most inner self. It is hard to accept and share with the world that we are not as perfect as we wish to be, that we in fact are human.

Why do we want this, though? Why do we want to live a life that is nothing but an artificial creation? When this means that nothing in our lives actually can be real? 

Life is meant to be real. It is meant to be life, with its ups and downs. Life is supposed to be a roller-coaster – “a hell of a ride”. Besides, it is the downs that make the good moments good. If we had no downs, no opposites, nothing to compare with, we would not be able to define the good.

We were meant to be human beings, not superficial beings. Nobody is or can be “perfect”. We don’t have to be. Life is and cannot be perfect, neither can we.


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